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A woman without secrets is like a flower without fragrance.

My name is Anna Summer. I am a young and very adventurous woman with a little secret. Born and raised in Europe, I am very down to earth and cheerful. I enchant you with my natural and cosmopolitan nature. Escorting is a passion and not a job I have to do. The feelings are sharper, the passion stronger and you are ultimately much more relaxed after our sweet rendezvous.

Blessed with the skill to be able to adjust very quickly to new circumstances, people and places. Being open minded regarding just everything is essential for me. While I live in Japan for quite some time now, I have been able to gather a lot hands-on experiences in the never sleeping city. 

I turn heads but never raise eyebrows. Those looking for a quickie, I might be not the right companion for you. I can devote myself entirely to you, tenderness and eroticism playing a major role. As every woman, I have a wild side as well. Whoever enters into an affair with me will soon notice the hidden passionate playmate behind the lovely appearance.

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