Here is a list of questions I get a lot. Please read here first before sending me an inquiry. Your question might be answered here already. I also want to emphasize again, that I don't tolerate questions about additional pictures. Please tolerate my privacy and take a look at my Twitter.

Are you shaved?
I am getting laser hair removal at the moment so I am mostly shaved but
not always as my skin is getting sensitive due to the laser treatment.

Do you offer Anal?
I'm very sorry but I don't offer any anal play during our date.
This also includes rimming. The infection risk is too high.

Do you take clothing requests?
I do not take clothing requests. If you want me to wear something specific, please bring it to our date.

Can you send me pictures? I want to make sure you are real.
My privacy is very important and so is yours. I don't want my pictures floating around
the internet and I would like to avoid picture collectors.
I also don't allow pictures or video taken at the date. My reviews show that I'm indeed real.
I don't disappoint in public and I'm told I look more stunning in person. You can also check out my Instagram and Twitter for candid pictures.

Can I bring my own protection?
Please don't bring your own protection, unless you have a specific size. And then please
make sure it is latex free, as I'm allergic.
Also, I don't allow Lamb skin condoms. They don't protect against STI's and STD's.
Please refrain from bringing these to our date.

I'm virgin/inexperienced.
Can I still meet you?

That is absolutely no problem. I'm more than happy to guide and explore your sexuality with you!
Please let me know beforehand.

Can I bring you a gift?
Please take a look on my gift section 

Can I contact you via phone/whatsapp/LINE etc..?
My phone number and other accounts are all for private use. I don't offer chats via these applications.

What's your real name, what do you do in private and where do you live?
Please respect my privacy and don't ask these questions. I will not answer those.
Whether at our meeting nor via email. I have a private life I would like to protect as everyone else in this business.
So I ask you to be discreet about it.

I just want to talk/have dinner, lunch with you. Can you reduce your rates?
I have a social package which you can use. Please look at my Rates page for these. 

Can we meet outside the Escort-Business?
I'm very sorry, but this is something I don't offer. I would like to stay professional and keeping business and private life separate.
Thank you for your understanding

What services do you offer?
I do not have a service list and will not publish one as this creates too many expectations. If you read my reviews, you can have a good guess what sort of service I offer. I am a GFE Escort.

- I don't provide references as I myself don't use this system and have had bad experiences before. I'm sorry for the inconvenience
- No outcall to the Sanno Hotel. This Hotel requires ID check and someone escorting me inside. I'm not comfortable with both. 
- No outcall to Sunroute Placa Hotel as this hotel is very strict with guests entering who are not staying there. 

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